Friday April 17th, 2015 Semi-Finals Results

Bout 1: 132lbs-Open – Ryizeemion Ford def. Niko Froce by DEC
Bout 2: 152lbs-Novice – Ahmad Douglas def. Roger Blankenship by DEC
Bout 3: 165lbs-Sub-Novice – Jmar Moore def. Josue Luciano by WO
Bout 4: 165lbs-Sub-Novice – Greg Weilacher def. Bryce Reiter by WO
Bout 5: 165lbs-Novice – Melvin Thomas def. Tommie Ellis by DEC
Bout 6: 165lbs-Novice – Tyrel Ross def. Kevin Cole by DEC
Bout 7: 165lbs-Open – Fred Wilson Jr. def. Brian McElrath Jr. by DEC
Bout 8: 178lbs-Sub-Novice – Stan Davis def. Dorne Butler by DEC
Bout 9: 178lbs-Open – Octavius Webb def. Clemate Franklin by DEC
Bout 10: 201lbs-Open – Kato Montgomery def. Chris Young by DEC
Bout 11: 201lbs-Open – Darion Peterson def. Roney Hines by DEC
Bout 12: 201+lbs-Sub-Novice – Christian Logan def. Steven Chaney by DEC
Bout 13: 201+lbs-Novice – Isaiah Brewer def. Calvin Dewberry by DEC
Bout 14: 201+lbs-Novice – Matt Orosz def. Tim Taumoepeau

Saturday April 11th, 2015 Tournament Results

Bout #1: 123lbs-Novice – Tim Ratliff def. Jordan Troy by TKO
Bout #2: 132lbs-Novice – Martinez Gregory def. Josh Taylor by Walkover
Bout #3: 132lbs-Open – Elhan Nevzadi def. Zi Stalnaker by Walkover
Bout #4: 141lbs-Novice – Cody Luchey def. Dib Kaddah by Decision
Bout #5: 152lbs-Sub-Novice – Joseph Rodriguez def. Cedric Burrell by Decision
Bout #6: 152lbs-Novice – Kenneth Austin def. Elmer Dennis by Walkover
Bout #7: 165lbs-Sub-Novice – Greg Weilacher def. Delyon Robertson by Walkover
Bout #8: 165lbs-Novice – Tommie Ellis def. Omar Kirk by Decision
Bout #9: 165lbs-Novice – Tyrel Ross def. Colson Enderby by Decision
Bout #10: 165lbs-Open – Charles Conwell Jr. def. Levi Patterson by Walkover
Bout #11: 178lbs-Sub-Novice – Stan Davis def. Antonio Cammon by Decision
Bout #12: 178lbs-Sub-Novice – Delante Brady def. Lamar McKinley by Decision
Bout #13: 178lbs-Open – Octavius Webb def. Chris Hardaway by Decision
Bout #14: 178lbs-Open – Matt Brown def. Ronnie Pratt by Decision
Bout #15: 201lbs+Novice – Calvin Dewberry def. Ryan Jackson by Decision

Friday April 10th, 2015 Tournament Results

Click Here for the recorded radio broadcast of tonight’s event courtesy of The Front Row

Bout #1: 123lbs-Novice – Nelson Santana def. Ru’Keid Pittman by Walkover
Bout #2:123lbs-Open – Ryan Allen def. Delante Johnson by Decision
Bout #3: 132lbs-Sub-Novice – Isaac Chatman def. Gregory Robinson by Decision
Bout #4: 132lbs-Novice – Cordell Powell def. Damone Jackson by 3rd-round TKO
Bout #5: 132lbs-Open – Elhan Nevzadi def. Frank Brown by Decision
Bout #6: 141lbs-Sub-Novice: Marcell Bonner def. Bobby Giachetti by Decision
Bout #7: 141lbs-Novice: Armond Richard def. James Parks by Decision
Bout #8: 152lbs-Sub-Novice: De”Melle Davis def. Cody Orahoske by Decision
Bout #9: 152lbs-Novice: Kenneth Austin def. Anthony Cannella by Walkover
Bout #10: 152lbs-Open: David Rodriguez def. Isaiah Steen by Walkover
Bout #11: 165lbs-Sub-Novice: Josue Luciano def. James McCain by DQ
Bout #12: 165lbs-Sub-Novice: Jmar Moore def. Charles West by Decision
Bout #13: 165lbs-Novice: Tommie Ellis def. Kenneth Locsei by Walkover
Bout #14: 165lbs-Novice: Melvin Thomas def. Dorrian Phillips by 3rd-round TKO
Bout #15: 165lbs-Novice: Kevin Cole def. Mardell Halas by Decision