Bout Card for the Semi-Finals (Saturday April 19th, 2014)

BOUT#1: 123lbs-Open
Robert Fitch (Untouchable B.A.) vs. Eric Miller (Blue Steel B.A.)

BOUT#2: 132lbs-Novice
Frank Brown (Westside B.C.) vs. Zi Stalnaker (Terminator B.C.)

BOUT#3: 132lbs-Open
Alejandro Salinas (Southside B.C.) vs. Rajiv Hernandez (DNA Level C)

BOUT#4: 132lbs-Open
Anthony Stanford (Raul Torres B.A.) vs. Juan Jones (Blue Steel B.A.)

BOUT#5: 141lbs-Sub-Novice
Daniel Myers (Valley Forge B.C.) vs. Dwayne Johnson (Untouchable B.A.)

BOUT#6: 141lbs-Novice
Martell Adams (Top Notch) vs. Armond Richards (Empire B.C.)

BOUT#7: 141lbs-Novice
Joshua Taylor (Michael J. Zone) vs. Dawud Williams (Southside B.C.)

BOUT#8: 141lbs-Open
Chandler Clements (United Boxing Team) vs. Lucian Clinkscale (Buckeye Elks)

BOUT#9: 152lbs-Sub-Novice
Elmer Dennis (Giachetti’s World Class Boxing) vs. Isaiah Brown (Blue Steel B.A.)

BOUT#10: 152lbs-Sub-Novice
Kasey Smith (Old School/Strongstyle) vs. Isaac Garlough (Salem B.C.)

BOUT#11: 152lbs-Novice
Kenneth Austin (Old School/Strongstyle) vs. Daniel Rowe (Mansfield PAL)

BOUT#12: 152lbs-Novice
Jalen Patterson (Raul Torres B.A.) vs. Dominic Rodgers (Bob Davis B.C.)

BOUT#13: 152lbs-Open
Daywaun Roseberry (Top Notch) vs. Darren Wilder (Cleveland PAL/Thurgood)

BOUT#14: 152lbs-Open
Isaiah Steen (Team T.U.F.F./Soul City B.A.) vs. Lavelle Hadley (Southside B.C.)

BOUT#15: 165lbs-Sub-Novice
Donald Fozzard (Warren B.C.) vs. Courtney Brown (Blue Steel B.A.)

BOUT#16: 165lbs-Sub-Novice
Tyrel Ross (MLK Premier B.T.) vs. Jamar Watkins (Cleveland PAL/Thurgood)

BOUT#17: 165lbs-Novice
Abdus McGlothin (Untouchable B.A.) vs. Dequilla Smith (Cleveland PAL/Thurgood)

BOUT#18: 165lbs-Novice
Antonio Leek (Westside B.C.) vs. Nigel King (Empire B.C.)

BOUT#19: 178lbs-Sub-Novice
Masen Wise (Raul Torres B.A.) vs. Joseph Pisciotta (Unattached)

BOUT#20: 178lbs-Novice
Christian White (Terminator B.C.) vs. Ronnie Pratt (Empire B.C.)

BOUT#21: 178lbs-Novice
Clemate Franklin (YMCA of Youngstown) vs. Torrez Davis (Cleveland PAL/Thurgood)

BOUT#22: 178lbs-Open
Octavius Webb (Bob Davis B.C.) vs. Dequilla Smith (Cleveland PAL/Thurgood)

BOUT#23: 178lbs-Open
Russell Scott (Cory Fight Club) vs. Cyrano Clay (Buckeye Elks)

BOUT#24: 201lbs-Sub-Novice
Erik Brown (Terminator B.C.) vs. Christopher Young (Burnside B.C.)

BOUT#25: 201lbs-Sub-Novice
Aleska Camur (Old School/Strongstyle) vs. Mathew Novicky (Salem Boxing Club)

BOUT#26: 201lbs-Novice
Darion Peterson (Old School/Strongstyle) vs. Shawndell Hood (Bob Davis B.C.)

BOUT#27: 201lbs+Sub-Novice
LeVon Morefield (Old School/Strongstyle) vs. Wade Morrow (Salem B.C.)

BOUT#28: 201lbs+Sub-Novice
Joseph Bell (Raul Torres B.A.) vs. Justin Feemster (Canton Boxing Gym)

BOUT#29: 201+Open
Marlon Steen (Untouchable B.A.) vs. Alante Green (Empire B.C.)

April 12th, 2014 Quarter-Finals Photos

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Results for Saturday April 12th, 2014

BOUT#1: 152lbs-Open
Lavelle Hadley (Southside B.C.) def. Brian McElrath (Rock Hard Cash) by DEC

BOUT#2: 152lbs-Open
Isaiah Steen (Team T.U.F.F./Soul City B.A.) def. William Trammell (Cory Fight Club) by DEC

BOUT#3: 165lbs-Sub-Novice
Tyrel Ross (M.L.K. Premier) def. David Thornton (Empire B.C.) by Walkover

BOUT#4: 165lbs-Sub-Novice
Jamar Watkins (Cleveland PAL/Thurgood) def. Troy Sigurani (Burnside B.C.) by DEC

BOUT#5: 165lbs-Novice
Dequilla Smith (Cleve PAL/Thurgood) def. Azawad Arifboer (United B.T.) by DEC

BOUT#6: 165lbs-Novice
Abdus McGlothin (Untouchable B.A.) def. Davon Johnson (Top Notch) by Walkover

BOUT#7: 165lbs-Novice
Nigel King (Empire B.C.) def. Latiss Norman (Bob Davis B.C.) by DEC

BOUT#8: 165lbs-Novice
Antonio Leek (Westside B.C.) def. Kevin Cole (Terminator B.C.) by Walkover

BOUT#9: 178lbs-Novice
Clemate Franklin (YMCA of Youngstown) def. Alva Watkins (Southside B.C.) by DEC

BOUT#10: 178lbs-Novice
Torrez Davis (Cleve PAL/Thurgood) def. Colson Enderby (Freedom Fighters) by DEC

BOUT#11: 201+lbs Sub-Novice
LeVon Morefield (Old School/Strongstyle) def. Matthew Roddy (Burnside B.C.) by TKO2

BOUT#12: 201+lbs Sub-Novice
Wade Morrow (Salem B.C.) def. Cory Young (Bare Knuckle Barbell) by DEC

BOUT#13: 201+lbs Sub-Novice
Joseph Bell (Raul Torres B.A.) def. Ryan Jackson (Unattached) by DEC

Northeast Ohio Boxing Tribute

Any of this year’s Cleveland Area Golden Gloves Champions could very well be the future headliners you see on HBO/Showtime/ESPN/etc. Northeast Ohio has a rich history of boxing and this video showcases some of the notable boxers of the last 5-10yrs who came up in our local amateur system, competed in the Cleveland Area Golden Gloves and went on to have success in the pro’s. Come out & support the future at this year’s tournament!