2016 Cleveland Area Golden Gloves Champions

123lbs Novice Nelson Santana TKO

123lbs Open Uriel Huerta 2-1

132lbs Sub Novice Josiah Hrusch 2-1

132lbs Novice Marcell Bonner 3-0

132lbs Female-Open Asia Smith Walk Over

132lbs Open Delante Johnson 3-0

141lbs Novice Davonte Howell Walk Over

141lbs Open Brandon Vega 2-1

152lbs Sub Novice Anthony Lichtenberger 3-0

152lbs Novice Cody Orahoske 2-1

152lbs Open David Rodriguez 2-1

165lbs Sub Novice Amir Mason 3-0

165lbs Novice Jon Huddleston TKO

165lbs Open Jose Rodriguez 3-0

178lbs Sub Novice Jan Almasy Walk Over

178lbs Novice Delante Brady 3-0

178lbs Open Jimmy Bland 2-1

201-lbs Sub Novice Charles Smith 2-1

201-lbs Novice Chris Bulgin 2-1

201+lbs Novice John Jacobs 3-0

201+lbs Open Alante Green Walk Over

Quarter-Finals Results – Saturday April 23rd, 2016

Brackets and Bout Sheets have been updated
Semi-Finals Bout Sheet – April 29th, 2016
Finals Bout Sheet – April 30th, 2016

Bout#01: William Poteet def. Mitchell Sauerwein by DEC
Bout#02: Josiah Hrusch def. Raheem Cooper by DEC
Bout#03: Brandon McCollum def. Kevin Owens by TKO2
Bout#04: Davonte Howell def. Isaiah Brown by Walkover
Bout#05: Elmer Dennis def. Kemp Tarver by DEC
Bout#06: Brandon Vega def. Dib Kaddah by Walkover
Bout#07: Elliot Davis def. Zi Stalnaker by DEC
Bout#08: Armond Richard def. William Flenoy by DEC
Bout#09: Demetrious Ford def. Lucas Diaz by DEC
Bout#10: Anthony Lichtenberger def. A’Dri Cook by Walkover
Bout#11: Delante Brady def. Stan Davis by DEC
Bout#12: Kato Montgomery def. Rashad Chisolm by TKO1
Bout#13: Jimmy Bland def. Matt Brown by DEC

Friday, April 22, 2016 Results

Bout#01: Uriel Huerta def. Jibreel Hawkins by DEC3
Bout#02: Elmer Dennis def. Henry Gaston by DEC3
Bout#03: Cody Orahoske def. Troy Huddleston TKO3
Bout#04: Tasean Mitchell vs. Jonathan Galarza was a No Contest
Bout#05: Roger Blankenship def. Nathaniel Ripley by Walkover
Bout#06: Drew Smith def. DemHelle Davis by Walkover
Bout#07: Nicholas Swonger def. David Lee McKinney by Walkover
Bout#08: Tyrel Ross def. Mardell Halas by DEC3
Bout#09: Jose Rodriguez def. Levi Patterson by DEC3
Bout#10: Solomon Howell def. Kevin Cole by Walkover
Bout#11: Rashad Chisolm def. Keith Fairchild by Walkover
Bout#12: John Jacobs def. Theodore Reidy by TKO1

All brackets and future bouts sheets have been updated